The Trinket Box Ball Jointed Dolls
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The Trinket Box Kids 
Welcome To The Trinket Box BJD's - Ball Jointed Resin Dolls By Doll Artist Kimberley Arnold
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The Trinket Box Kids Are A Chunky Toddler Like Resin Bjd ( Ball Jointed Doll ) I Have Designed Their Bodies in a similar size to the popular 18 inch dolls that sell on the doll market today they can wear the same clothing and can also use all the accessories..for example , table & chair sets and beds. I designed these new Trinket Box Kids with fun times in mind.
They are fully pose-able with great elbow joints and knee joints and can move at the upper torso.
The girls are 19 inches tall

The wait time for a BJD is approximately 3 months
Overseas customers please be advised that shipping is costly to ship a doll overseas..on average the cost is $125.00 and some countries the shipping times can vary to a month or even longer. 
You can always double up with a friend when you order a doll as my shipping boxes can accommodate 2 dolls..this cuts the expense down a lot.
Upper Chest Torso Circumference 9 & 3/4 inches
Waist Circumference 9 & 1/2 Inches
Hip Circumference 11 & 3/4 inches
Arm Length from shoulder to wrist 6 & 1/2 in length. Measuring from the arm socket add 1/2 inch on the shoulder to the neck
Inside leg to ankle 6 & 1/2 inch in length
Shoulder to ankle 13 & 1/2 inch in length
Shoulder to hip 6 & 1/2 inch in length 
Upper arm circumference 4 inches ( around )
From wrist across to other wrist is 14 inches in length 
Head circumference is 10 inches 
Foot Length is approximately 2 and 3/4 
width at the widest point is 1 and just a wee bit over 1/4

Wig Size 9/10
Eyes 20mm or 22mm
The Trinket Box - Regular MSD BJD's By Kim Arnold
The Trinket Box Kids By Kim Arnold 
Pictures Of Michelle , Mazey & Duda....Along With Future Trinket Box Kids 

Photo Credit To Sharon Wright Photography / Stand Magazine By Sharon Wright
My First Edition Published Book !!
Tingo The Cat Is A New Trinket Box Animal Now In The Works..    I Hope To Have Him Finished Real Soon & The Cast In Resin
Angel Pre-Orders Just Closed - Dolls Should Arrive To Me After The Christmas Holidays 
I have some exciting news to all customers old and new...Thanks to 3D Printing the factory I work with to have all my dolls cast in resin have now 3D printed all my past Trinket Box Kids to a smaller size of 12 inches tall. I will offer a pre-order starting with Duda & Kimmie after the Christmas Holiday's , Each doll will come with 1 wig and 1 set of eyes..I am still thinking about an outfit but not sure yet.
Everyone is really excited about having my collection of Trinket Box Kids in the smaller size and they will be called Trinky Dinks !! Look for updates in the next month as I prepare to have my samples ready to show off