The Trinket Box Ball Jointed Dolls
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The Trinket Box Kids 
Welcome To The Trinket Box BJD's - Ball Jointed Resin Dolls By Doll Artist Kimberley Arnold
The Best Way To Connect With Me Is Through My Fan Page On Facebook 

Hope To See You There !!

The wait time for a BJD is approximately 3 to 4 months.
Shipping for the 12 inch Trinky Dinks will be as follows 
USA $18.00 Expedited Service 
Canada $18.00 Expedited Service 

All Other Countries $70.00 USD by Express Post or Tracked Packet $45.00 USD $100.00 Coverage for Insurance ( I will not be held responsible for lost parcels )

All Deposits On Pre-Orders Are Non Refundable
Trinket Box Kids - 18 Inch Dolls

Complete Full Set - Artist Face-Up , 1 Wig , Eyes , Outfit , Sleeping Wrap & COA

Over Seas Shipping Fee Is $135.00 USD By Express Post 

USA & Canada Shipping - $29.00 USD With Tracking  

Please keep note that when pre-ordering It goes by order when the dolls arrive to me for finishing I go down my ordering If you order in the 10th position I will not do your doll till I get to that position on the order list. Everyone gets excited to get their doll finished and shipped but one must understand that it takes me time to paint , install eyes , dress , pack and ship out dolls. I work alone and I do have other things in my life that need to be done on a daily basis..just like most of everyone else in life.

I can assure you that when you buy one of my dolls you will get a quality doll..a work of art to last a life time. Ask any of my customers who have been buying from me over the years..I am sure they will tell you that they are very happy with each doll that they bring home. If ever a problem I am always here to help you in any way I can.

Other Past Dolls That Can Be Pre-Ordered Through Emailing - Only When I Have A Current Pre-Order Going
Kimmie 19 Inch or 12 Inch Size
Mazey 19 Inch or 12 Inch Size 
Michelle 19 Inch or 12 Inch Size 
Duda 19 Inch or 12 Inch Size 
Yarrow 19 Inch or 12 Inch 
Quitara 19 Inch Size Only
Angel 19 Inch - Soon to be in 12 Inch Size 
Elf Blair 19 Inch or 12 Inch Size 
Misfit Dally 19 Inch Size Only 
Outfits Will Vary on All New Orders - It will depend on what I have in stock 
Very Proud That Tingo Kitty Took Home A Dolls Award Of Excellence  for 2020 
Dolly " A Dolly For Your Dolly 8 Inches
Polly Petunia 18 Inches - Light Tan 
Elf Meadow 18 Inches Medium Tan Resin
Septembers Pre-Orders Will Arrive In January Sometime 2021
New Dolls To Watch Out For In 2021
Meet Sunny The 16 Inch Elf , Sure To Make Your Day A Sunshine Day !!
Tindle Became " Jilly Bea Bear " This super cute Teddy will be 16 Inches Tall With Little Fur Ears
Will Be Done In Different Resin Colors..If you love Teddy's this one will melt your heart for sure